You have worked hard to create your blog or website. You are spending precious time and effort on your website and trying to attract traffic. The next question in your mind would be, how do I monetize this traffic on my website?

Before you start thinking of monetizing, there are a few things that you should do. Apart from the obvious strategies like creating great content and making the content SEO-friendly, you should also analyse your traffic – like which pages are most popular, where your visitors are spending most of their time and where are they dropping off. This information is valuable for you to understand your traffic and how you can monetize them.

Once you have put in the required groundwork, you can go ahead and earning money from your site. We are sharing a few tips here that can help you monetize your traffic:


Best Affiliate Marketing Tracking Tool


Affiliate marketing 

Affiliate marketing has been and continues to be the most effective way to make money online. You can either tie up with a few good affiliate programs or start your own affiliate program. Investing in a smart affiliate marketing will allow you to track, analyze and manage your marketing campaigns in real time. There are AI enabled affiliate marketing software available like VaultPro which can actually automate some of the key functions. Your affiliates will advertise the link of your product on their pages and make the sale. In return, you will be paying them the commission per sale or conversion as is agreed by both the parties.


Google AdSense

Pay-Per-Click or PPC advertising is another way of generating some decent revenues from your website.  Google AdSense is a popular network that can help you place ads on your website and you will get paid according to the clicks you receive.


Create a membership or a drop shipping website 

Membership sites or drop shipping websites are another trending and doable tactic to monetize your website. You can create and put content on your website about anything you are good at and can get paid from the visitors who choose to take up the membership to receive specific content from the website. While a drop shipping website enables you to sell products from other e-commerce websites like Amazon. You are responsible to keep your website updated and in sync to advertise new product additions.


Create an app  

If you create an app that solves your visitors’ concern and adds value to his life, then nothing like it. There is a lot of work goes into making an app or software but it can actually help you make money online for years to come. Only the right idea will do at your end for the rest,  you can outsource app or software developers to do that for you.


Offer paid Consulting

A paid consulting through your website can also fetch you a decent revenue. From life to business coaching, to tutoring in schools, etc. you can start to provide consulting for one time or an ongoing consulting for a few months.


Write and sell e-books 

Taking your knowledge and selling as an ebook on your website has also become an effective trend to make money online and is surely going to stay in the year 2019 as well. Gather all that information that you would like to be paid to share and write that down. Create an e-book and you are all set to put it on the website with an engaging image and a price tag.


Sell ad space 

To monetize your website you can also sell the ad space on your sidebar and allow other websites to advertise their website. Header and  the body of the content are the spaces you can sell for the purpose.


Start accepting sponsored posts 

At the stage where you start receiving decent traffic on your website you can accept the sponsored posts. These posts are what other websites and brands want you to write for them and you get paid in return. By posting that on your website it’s a win-win for you as well as the sponsoring company. Hence it’s another doable tactic for effectively monetizing your website.

At the end of the day, it’s about how you think you can get the most out of your website. 2019 is a welcoming year for experiments and testing new dimensions too. So feel free to go that extra mile and start making money, all online.


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