Passive Income – that’s the chief idea, the functional dream behind the Affiliate Marketing or Performance marketing business. For the majority of people, this is what motivated them to take up Affiliate marketing either as a part-time gig or a full-time profession. And quite undeniably, it is something that has caught the fancy of literally everyone who is on the Internet for starting a business or already has one.

What actually is Affiliate Marketing?

If you are a beginner in the affiliate marketing arena, you might be wondering what affiliate marketing is all about. Affiliate marketing, sometimes also known as Performance Marketing is hiring people or affiliates to bring you customers and you’re supposed to pay them only after the conversion has happened. If you have a product that you wish to sell, you hire promoters and offer them a financial incentive through an affiliate program. Based on revenue sharing, affiliate marketing provides a remarkable opportunity to those whose capital is at a premium or they don’t possess enough time or resources required to put together a giant advertising campaign.

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Why would you need an Affiliate Marketing Software?

For anyone doing a substantial amount of business on the Internet, having an affiliate program is a great way to attract more traffic for the product that they wish to sell. That said, there is one important fact that needs serious consideration – who is going to manage your affiliate program? Any business that has implemented an affiliate program needs to keep track of all the affiliates, links, click stats, sales, commissions, etc. which is an arduous task, quite impracticable to be executed manually.

An affiliate marketing software comes along with a myriad of benefits that can make a big difference to your business in terms of success and improving sales. So arming yourself with a robust software will prove to be the best investment that you will make and is worth every penny you pay. With a specialized affiliate marketing software will make sure that the time you spend on your business turns out to be more efficient and effective.

How does your business benefits from a good Affiliate Marketing Software?

The most important trait of a professional Affiliate Marketing Software is that it manages every aspect of your business from recruiting new affiliates to paying the commissions for the sales they generate. And even though the list of benefits is long drawn out, the prominent ones that we wish to highlight are –

  • Track real-time performance of your campaigns
  • Manage your offers, creatives, affiliates and campaigns
  • Analyse and optimize campaigns using embedded analytic tools
  • Design campaigns and roll out to multiple affiliates directly from the platform
  • Maintain the records of all advertising campaigns in one place
  • Manage validations and keep track of all your payables and receivables


How do you choose the perfect Affiliate Marketing Software?

As Affiliate Marketing programs are on a steady rise, there is an overwhelming number of softwares available in the market making it quite common to commit mistakes or fall in the trap of the hit and run strategy where you jump from one product to the next with little or no return on investment of time and money. In order to lay a solid foundation for your affiliate program, you must identify the top product that is most useful for you and your business.

VaultPro offers a white labelled platform to the businesses looking to implement a highly functional and hassle-free affiliate marketing software that is quick and easy to execute. The primary benefit it offers to its users is that it involves a very small learning curve that lets you easily figure out how to use it.

The other vital benefits you get when you use VaultPro are –

  • Customizable and flexible
  • Auto Optimization
  • Publisher Recommendation
  • Detailed reporting
  • Conversion Based Pricing
  • Built-in third party integrations
  • Scalable and Reliable

The Affiliate Marketing Software from VaultPro is undoubtedly the best value software with a suite of important tools that will allow your business to set its eyes on a higher goal and achieve it as well.

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