The main purpose of Marketing is to find and nurture customers. There are more than 2.6 billion active online users waiting to be discovered by the marketing enthusiasts. But the biggest challenge is how to reach them! We have an answer – Artificial Intelligence!


AI in Marketing

 If you are a savvy marketer, you must have heard of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Marketing, which is poised to take the industry by storm. Making a transition from being an illustrious manifestation of a sci-fi movie plot, Artificial Intelligence has surfaced as a technical reality that is capable of revolutionizing the way you attract, capture, and nurture leads. No modern day marketer can contradict the fact that actionable data is the toehold for growth.

  • AI can save your time by performing complex analysis at scale and provide reports almost instantly.
  • AI can look for patterns and unlock connections within your data that you may miss on your own.
  • Artificial Intelligence also helps to take over tasks at scale and works in the background while freeing up time for marketers.


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However, the fact is that despite AI based tools being available, marketers are not utilizing the power and barely 5% of this customer-centric data that is available to these marketers is still stashed away in restrained segregation.

The AI powered Performance Marketing Platform by VaultPro is designed for marketing specialists and helps them to capitalize on the calibrated use of customer related data sourced from both online and offline resources. This platform is all about enabling marketers to create highly optimized marketing campaigns using the power of AI and Machine Learning. Timing is fundamental to marketing and an AI powered marketing platform is what facilitates your business to target the right customers with the right strategy using the right channel.

Here we have listed a few ways through which an innovative marketer can make use of this cutting-edge technology for their upcoming campaigns.

  • Auto Optimization – VaultPro’s Auto Optimization engine enables you to get the most out of your campaigns. Though there are various ways through which you can optimize account-based marketing and digital advertising, VaultPro’s AI algorithm helps you take a step further with deeper analysis and insight. Not only does it study your campaign metrics in real-time, but it also adjusts your campaigns to improve performance. Optimizing your campaigns for maximum performance has never been easier. This way you can tap into the plenitude of consumer data hidden in social profiles, keyword searches, and various online data, to make better and more effective digital ads.
  • Publisher RecommendationsUsually marketers get data about publisher performance only after running a campaign. It is a reactive analysis where marketers can only analyse which publishers were most efficient in running the campaign. With VaultPro’s AI engine, it is now possible to predict which publishers will be most effective in a given campaign based on your current goals and past performance.

So, as a marketer, if you are still on the fence about trying Artificial Intelligence strategies for your future marketing campaigns, we would like you to know that with AI all set to gain tremendous growth across all industries and segments, it’s time for the marketing enthusiasts to embrace AI technology and make their marketing campaigns future-ready.


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