Over 90% of publishers today vouch for affiliate marketing as crucial to their brands because it stands to be the most chosen business strategies to generate and convert leads today. Such rewarding affiliate marketing is most effective when you choose the right tool to manage the marketing campaigns in a comprehensive way. Here we will help you with the top considerations that you should look at while going for the best suitable affiliate marketing software for your affiliate network program. The affiliate marketing platform that you choose should have robust features, mobility, easy usage, and unique additions along with delivering complete value for money. Based on the highly required key features, we dig into the details and here is your checklist

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Real-time campaign tracking and live data

A robust targeting and measurement technology, that comes with real-time campaign tracking feature is, what you should look for. The real-time tracking with the live data enables you to discover, compile and interpret the data on-the-go. It saves time, effort and eases the campaign management a great deal as you can track the data as it happens.

Scalability and reliability

A 99.99% uptime, scalability and reliability are what the affiliate platforms should provide you with. With cloud-based technology, the affiliate marketing platform should be able to gauge for unlimited clicks and impressions for better management. So that you can sit back and watch your business growing effectively.

Easy and Customizable integration

An effective affiliate marketing software will always boast of a customizable integration on the platform. You should get the freedom of customizing your marketing campaign with the click and conversion caps, setting the budget limits. A brandable interface that allows you to customize the time zone and currencies for the pay-outs and business expansion is ideal. A white-labeled solution will allow to use your own domain in the tracking links.

Robust reporting 

The affiliate marketing software that you opt for your business growth should be top of the trend and be designed for today’s affiliate marketing needs. You constantly need to gauge and calculate the performance of your affiliate network at multiple levels. A robust reporting on every level will enhance the business growth by helping in optimizing the performance to deliver the best. This will reward you with happy clients and better conversions.

Additional and advanced controls

Affiliate marketing software should also provide a few additional features that make them stand out from the rest. The geo-targeting and device targeting are such options that come handy and enables you to streamline your campaigns according to device, ISP, carrier, OS, browser etc. This, in turn, minimizes the wastage and increases your conversion rate.   As there is an array of affiliate marketing software available today, this buyer’s guide will help you choose the best one suited to your needs. And if you check these features before opting for an affiliate marketing software for yourself, you are all set to increase the traffic, leads, and sales for your brand. Check out VaultPro’s feature set here.

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