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Last Updated On June 07, 2019
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Click review is another added segment in the Fraud detection system of the Vaultpro, leading affiliate tracking software.
The click review technology basically records the IP of the user and counts the number of visits per IP.


How to navigate to Fraud click review
You can access the click review by selecting Fraud review in the sidebar menu and then select click review. The segment works exactly like the reporting structure of Vaultpro and lets the user customize the report using options, filters.
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Customise the fraud click review report
The Fraud review in Vaultpro works on the same basic structure as the reports. The user can generate custom reports based on the requirements by selecting appropriately from filters and options.
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Create custom fraud click review report




You can also select custom time ranges from the timeframe segment to make sure fraud/bot clicks are carefully reviewed.


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