Last Updated On May 23, 2019
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To get started, couple of things need to remember.

VaultPro API’s are Restful API’s and supports only HTTPS. All the API’s requires standard API key and client API key for authentication.
VaultPro API’s supports only JSON. POST request params requires only JSON body.

API end point






Content-Type String application/x-www-form-urlencoded
X-API-KEY String Standard API KEY
X-CLIENT-API-KEY String Client Secret API KEY


HTTP Methods

GET Make a GET request to retrieve data. GET requests will never cause an update or change to your data because they’re safe.
POST Use a POST request to create new resources. For example, make a POST request to a collection endpoint (like \/lists) where the body of your request JSON is a new list.
PUT Use a PUT request to update the resource with the new resource provided with the request body. The request body should be in JSON.
DELETE Make a DELETE request to remove a resource.


We expose API errors in two ways: standard HTTP response codes and human-readable messages in JSON format. For example, the following code snippet shows an HTTP 405 error in the response headers:
And this snippet shows the human-readable error as a JSON object, we recommend reviewing the Application Error Codes for more context to help you troubleshoot.


HTTP Status codes

404 Resource not found
500 Service error, please contact support.
501 Request URL not found
503 Service unavailable


Application Status codes

0 Response success
3 User is blocked by advertiserU
4 User status is in-active
6 In valid user or user not found
9 Missing required parameters
10 Invalid parameter name or Bad request
11 Access denied
999 Server error


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