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Last Updated On June 07, 2019
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Fraud is a HUGE problem in Internet Marketing, study shows 40% of every click generated on the Internet is Bot or fraud click.
Vaultpro, affiliate tracking platform tackles fraud by its unique CTCT algorithm and Click review.


What is the CTCT Algorithm
Let’s say you’re running a CPL campaign, now according to general user behavior data, a human takes at least 2-3 minutes to fill out a lead form. In such a case if the formed filled or the conversion, takes place in less than 30 seconds, the user can be arguably marked as fraud.
How to navigate to Fraud CTCT report
You can access the CTCT report by selecting Fraud review in the sidebar menu and then select Fraud CTCT report. The segment works exactly like the reporting structure of Vaultpro and lets the user customize the report using options, filters.
The Fraud review in Vaultpro works on the same basic structure as the reports.
The user can generate custom reports based on the requirements by selecting appropriately from filters and options.

Customise your fraud report by selecting from these Filters & Options

You can also select custom time ranges from the timeframe segment to make sure fraud/bot clicks are carefully reviewed.