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Last Updated On January 27, 2019
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This is your landing page of performance tracking software and your Main Admin Dashboard. This view is available to the Admin, Sales, Delivery, Ad-ops and Finance roles.

Your Advertisers and Affiliates do not see this dashboard.
Below is a quick guide to the data represented in the Admin dashboard.

Performance Tracking tool

VaultPro Dashboard – Part 1


Performance Marketing Tracking tool

VaultPro Dashboard – Part 2

A recommended best practise is to keep an eye on the “Pending” actions under Advertisers and Affiliates slices and take the required actions promptly in order to not keep your clients and partners waiting.

VaultPro Рby Rappier is a customizable White-Label Affiliate Management Platform for Advertisers, Agencies and Affiliate Networks to build, manage and grow their Affiliate marketing program in real-time.

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