VaultPro SDK – for Websites

Last Updated On May 23, 2019
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VaultPro, SDK used for Affiliate performance integrations for websites is a powerful single line integration.
The track.js library is a JavaScript library for measuring engagement/conversion with your website and to measure performance of your offers/campaigns.

This document covers both the functional and technical requirements to implement the SDK into any website.
It outlines the functional, performance, security and other system requirements.

Integrating the SDK
The process involves copying the below code snippet and place it anywhere within the <HEAD> ______ </HEAD> tags of your website.

<span style="font-size: 16px;"><span style="font-family: Helvetica Neue;"><script async defer src="" onload="UnlicheSDK.init('API-KEY','SDK-MODE')"> </script></span></span>

Note: The track.js package is delivered via

Key Functions:

1. Identify Pages
The Page function allows you to record page views on your website. VaultPro SDK will automatically collect the page information from the page URL.

2. Identify Events/Goals
Tracking events/goals is how you record any actions your users perform. Every event call records a single user action and sends data to that specific event for engagement/conversion though postback URL. We recommend that you make your names human readable.

Note : GOAL_ID is unique goal id which you can find easily at Offer details section -> Settings tab.

Syntax Snippet

3. Identify Events/Goals with macros
var obj = {macro_name : value, macro_name : value, ..};
var objMap = new Map(Object.entries(obj));
VaultSDK.trackGoal(GOAL_ID, objMap);

– GOAL_ID is unique goal id which you can find easily at Offer details section -> Settings tab
– Macro_name is valid macro name that is listed while creating offer in VaultPro system
– Value is valid for respective macro as per rules in VaultPro system

Syntax Snippet
var obj = {adv_sub : 123, adv_sub2 : 'xyz'};
var objMap = new Map(Object.entries(obj));
VaultSDK.trackGoal(105, objMap);