API-zation is all over the place and APIs have become a common part of today’s technological landscape. Simply put, APIs have simply become a crucial aspect of technology which most tools can’t live without. The same is the case in the affiliate marketing business.

Before we dive into the various APIs offered by VaultPro, let us go over some basics.


What is the Meaning of API?

API refers to Application Program Interface. As the name suggests, it’s a set of rules that various programs utilize to connect with each other. In the most simplistic form, API can be defined as an intermediary component between apps and websites that support  the exchange of information and communication. For example, you may have seen the Facebook comments box at the bottom of several blog posts. Without API, it would never be possible to place such social media boxes at the bottom of blog posts.


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What Are the Benefits of API?

When it comes to benefits of API, they appear in bulk. You may get:

  • Automation: It has become easier than ever to automate with an API. APIs can improve manual and time-consuming tasks and get the desired information at the appropriate time.


  • Flexibility: API has given access to the app components, which has made it convenient to deliver services and information in a flexible manner. Besides, API can embed content from any application or website way easily to guarantee integrated user experience.


  • Business Expansion: A business can be expanded by offering an integratable API. The number of resources that a business can offer are limited. Having an API available to integrate, with developers capable to build on them, can expand their offerings to more people.
  • Easy-To-Adapt: In the technological era, changes have become permanent. Who knows what may happen? In such distortion, API has become a durable helping hand to support data migration.


How is API Used in the Affiliate Marketing Business?

API is adaptive, scoped, automated, and flexible. Now, the question arises – What can it do for affiliate marketers? Well, an affiliate marketer can use API in the following way:


  • Real-Time Stats: An API can collect, process, and display all the traffic information in real time. Affiliate marketers are now able to access more statistics such as visitors, clicks, and even orders placed in real time.


  • Pre-formatted Links: Almost every product vendor uses API to make preformatted links for affiliate marketers. Such links serve in tracking the sale so that vendors can pay commission to the right person.


  • Connectivity: API help affiliate marketers connect with their audience effortlessly across various platforms. Instead of getting scattered information, marketers are now able to receive information at a separate place with a single format.


  • Build Customized Application Programs: Back then, developers had to work a lot to build fill up forms and swinging buttons. Nowadays, marketers can perform various operations. They no longer need to pay a developer to make this happen.


How Can VaultPro API Step Up Your Affiliate Marketing Game?

VaultPro is an AI Powered Platform for the marketers of next generation where they can track, analyze, optimize, and manage all of the online campaigns in real-time. Apart from this, many smart targeting alternatives are also available where customers can be targeted in accordance with ISPs, carriers, operating systems, and browsers. At present, we offer two-way APIs that are helping various ad networks. Our some of the most notable APIs are:


  • Offers API: Offers API allows marketers to manage and create new offers. Our platform’s offers API will enable marketers to import and export campaigns to other networks.


  • Fraud API: In order to keep a check on traffic quality, what marketers need is an API that can take care of the fraud analysis. Our platform renders click summary, click overview, conversion overview, and conversion summary.


  • Reporting API: Marketers indeed burn a lot of time to gather all the scattered reports manually. Thus, our API system provides a hassle-free way to import and export reports to other networks.


If you are using a different platform and wish to shift to a new one but are afraid that data migration will be difficult, you have no need to worry. With VaultPro’s API, migrating your offers and reports is a breeze. In complex cases, VaultPro’s tech team is always willing to support your migration.